Carrot Roll By PRadhika Prat Panchal‎

  • on December 17, 2018
  • December 17, 2018

Ingredients for carrot roll
Carrot 1/2 milk 1 glass
Malai 1/2 cup
Sugar 1big sp
Chopped dry fruits 2tsp
Ghee 1¹/² tsp

Ingredients for rabdi..
1 kg milk
1 big sp sugar
Kesar a pinch
Chopped dry fruits 2tsp
Rose water 2 drops..
Milk ko almost half hone tak cook kare..
Then kesar , sugar , dry fruits n rose water dalker slow flame per 10 mins cook kare..
Its done..

Then carrot ko chil kar grate karle..
Then boil karle..
Then kadai main carrot , malai n milk dalker slow flame per cook kare..
Then jab carrot almost milk observe kare..
Then sugar n dry fruits dalker
Dry hone tak cook kare..
Then thanda hone per carrot ke rolls bana le.

Then plate per rabdi dale..
Carrot rolls rakhe..
Then rolls ke uper rabdi ki malai rakhe..
Dry fruits se garnish kare..
N serve chilled

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